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Sharp AR-BC320
Muratec MFX-2500
Canon D1350
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Panasonic KV1046
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OfficeMangerCircle is a two tier private office buying club. Depending on membership level, members can enjoy wholesale prices, and unlimited access to the most popular brand name office and computer related Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.

With over 20 years of industry experience as  technical and sales representatives for industry manufacturers, the mission of OfficeManagerCircle is to be the most distinguished private office buying club in the United States. Our goal is being accomplished every day through a combination of our wholesale prices, the finest customer service, and the most comprehensive assortment of quality OEM products.
OfficeMangerCircle was envisioned by former industry employees that sought to fill a niche in the marketplace that provided office managers and purchasing officers with the opportunity to procure equipment, supplies, and service at rock bottom prices, through a membership buying group.

OfficeManagerCircle is an end-to-end value added reseller of OEM products, offering imaging equipment sales, service and supplies, and computer equipment sales, service, and network administration. Members can save thousands of dollars on their office budget with or without an annual subscription, but however, for greater impact we offer members two subscription programs to enjoy extraordinary prices on everything in our inventory and beyond.

We have found that when consumer and institutional buyer don't have a truly transparent relationship with their office supplier and service provider they routinely pay 15% to 25% more to purchase and maintain any given office product. It then stands to reason that by authorizing OfficeMangerCircle to help you gain access to a vast array of products and services at insider prices, is the best value.

Whether you're seeking to procure a copier, a toner cartridge, a computer, or tablet pc, OfficeMangerCircle can provide you with unprecedented access to industry insider prices that are sure to save you money on the equipment, supplies and service your office needs.

Become a member today and access all the latest office and electronic products at confidential wholesale prices today.
Every day you delay is a dollar lost.


Office Manager Circle
A Private Buying Club